Mini Movers

Pre-School Creative Dance & Tap Classes

3-4 years

Introducing dance movement, co-ordination and broadening musicality. The class is jam packed with fun and exciting tasks using imagery and props to create a relaxed yet educational environment. Within the class there are three focus areas: Tap, Creative Movement and Song & Dance.


Tap works towards building the students balance and body control. Learning the basic and fundamental movements and steps within Tap dancing. Areas within the Pre-Primary Tap syllabus are used to build the childrens knowlegde and skill . This class is a great way to introduce your child into the world of dance.


Creative Dance is an introduction into aspects from the modern theatre syllabus, improvisation and getting the children aware of their body and how it can be used to create movement and travel, with the focus on developing basic dance elements and rhythm. Song & Dance is another area within the creative dance section, where the children experiment with the use of action and movement while singing sections of songs or nursery rhymes to tell a story. This can then develop further by children attending the Musical Theatre class when they start school. 


The class will generally be split into two sections starting with Tap and finishing with Creative Dance (15mins for each dance genre) however some weeks we may focus on just one aspect but ideal the class will be divided. 

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