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Stage 1: 2-3yrs         Stage 2: 3-4yrs

Ballet Bunnies is aimed at pre school children aged 2-4yrs. The class teaches the children an introduction into the ballet technique, along with rhythm, musicality and creativity. The children will learn how to stand in the ballet positions using the correct arm and foot placements, as well as understanding the correct vocabulary and ballet movement. It introduces ballet and dance in a fun and relaxed environment using props, such as ribbons, scarfs, and beanbags.


Ballet Bunnies also have two little soft toy class mascots called Bella and Barney. These characters are there to help build confidence and offer comfort when needed.


The class is for children to independently explore movement by them selves without parent participation. My aim is to encourage the children into the world of dance and not scare them away. All children are different if your child needs you in the room for re assurance then please feel free to sit in the studio and when the time is right for both of you I suggest parents sit outside the room either watching through the window in the door or waiting in the café, as sometimes the children respond better and get more out of the sessions when they are not looking around the room for a parents. 


Bunny Awards can be collected and gained when the student has achieved a skill or understanding. Bunny Awards can be presented anytime during a term, either to a group of children or to an individual. Please understand that these are progression awards and your child will only receive an award once they have completed the set task, skill or understand the movement.  The awards are used motivate and reward the children during their learning, and is also a nice way for parents to see their child’s progression through their dance learning.


Students aged 3 or 4 years will also have the opportunity to enter in for their first dance award, starting their progression up the Rainbow Awards. Students entering into a Rainbow Award will be measured by their ability/understanding and not age. Rainbow Awards are optional and will be awarded by an NATD Examiner.


For more information please visit the Rainbow Awards page.

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